Collection: Royalty Rags

The Kingdom Vibez Du-Rag collection features in 5 different colors that include: Red, Green, Yellow, Teal, and Sky Blue. These stylish Du-Rags are made out of pure silk all around. These KV Du-Rags are also washer and dryer friendly. Kingdom Vibez Durags’ features a premium satin and silk blend fabric providing breathability for your hair.  We added extended ties to this classic silky durag for an all-day/night comfort fit.  Traditional stitching provides durability for multiple wears.    

  • Premium silky durag in Sky Blue
  • 100% satin & silk-blend
  • Extended length ties and cape
  • Traditional durag stitching throughout
  • Designed in Chicago, IL
  • Hand wash cold
  • Dryer Friendly 


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  • Royalty Rag (Blue)
  • Royalty Rag (Teal)
  • Royalty Rag (Red)
  • Royalty Rag (Yellow)
  • Royalty Rag (Green)